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We are 24 hour list. You will be ranked on the average amount of traffic you've sent in the last 24 hours. The list never resets to 0. Our goal here is to trade traffic with sites that feature a girl(s) that has creampie pictures and videos. We do NOT want to be a feeder site for AVS, Toplists, Affiliate Programs, or any other site that does not contain a "REAL" members area.


  1. The site being listed must contain creampie pictures. That's what this site is about. Please do not sign up if you do not have internal cumshots (anal or vaginal). We want to gain the surfers trust by providing them with what we say. If you do not have creampie pictures in your non-members area please email me a temporary password to verify you do have them in your members area.
  2. No sites that contain any type of trickery (hit bots, blind links, numerous exit consoles, or anything else that may leave the surfer in a state of bewilderment).
  3. You site must have a members area to be on the ranking list. If not, please email us and we may put a static link to you on our links page.
  4. No FREE hosted sites or sites with numeric IP addresses.
  5. Your site must be a pay site and contain a "Real" members area.
  6. No hotlinking. The banners on this site will not work if you try to hotlink to them.
  7. Five (5) hit minimum to get listed. (it's obvious this list can send traffic so we don't want "bottom feeders".
  8. You MAY open this site as an exit console.
  9. No blind or misleading links.
  10. Rules are subject to change.
  11. No more than one listing per domian name. Example, or
  12. No HARDCORE photos permitted after June, 2005. Image may be boobs and butts but NO pussy shots and NO hardcore images that have been censored. The original photo the image was made from must be softcore.

Feature Creampie Slut

If you would like to be the feature of the week or the creampie slut of the day please email your banner and creampie pictures to Our only requirement is you must be sending atleast 20 hits a day to the list. Sites sending the more hits get preference.

TGP Posts

If you would like to post to our TGP Gallery for some extra traffic you may add your post here

Text Links

  1. Creampie Sluts - Home of the Internal Cumshot
  2. Click Here To Fill A Sluts Pussy


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